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Growth Period2010 - Present

POWERVOICE has been recognized for its top-notch voice recognition technologies in the domestic and international smart electronic appliance, automobile and mobile sector.
POWERVOICE's voice recognition technologies have been commercialized as diverse applications for global electronics companies' home appliances, mobile and automotive AVN systems, and, solidifying its position as the center of IoT technologies through the new 'user experience (UX)' in our lives.
'SoundQR' is a sound wave communication technology and it is recently receiving the attention as a new machine-to-machine communication (M2M) in the various home appliances and automotive environments. Based on this, a new service platform is being constructed on O2O environment. POWERVOICE won the ‘Mobile Technology Award 2014’ of the Ministry of Science for 'SoundQR' technology last year. In this fast-changing ear of IoT, POWERVOICE develops smart products with new UX and makes ceaseless challenges as a market leader for new devices and products as well as for educational services, children’s toys and contents that are evolving in line with such changes of the times.
  • Selected as a ‘small hidden champion’ in Bucheon City.
  • Won KT Award at the 14th Korea Mobile Technology Awards.
  • Commenced global cooperation for SoundQR Send-to-Car service.
  • Invested in and established FOSHAN POWERVOICE in Guangzhou, China.
  • Induced investment from Korea Investment & Securities, M-Venture Investment and IDV Investment.
Induced investment from THINKWARE
Established branch in Frankfurt, Germany
Won CE certification for voice recognition switch

Advancing2005 - 2009

POWERVOICE, which is drawing attention with its high recognition rate of voice recognition technology, has opened the ‘voice recognition home network’ market by attracting Korea’s leading home network developers, such as Kocom, Hyundai Telecom and Samsung Heavy Industries, as its customers.
In addition, having commercialized voice services that are powerful in noisy environments and implemented as a contactless type in remote distances that is an essential technological factor for voice recognition home networks, POWERVOICE has been transforming the paradigm of existing voice recognition services.
Changed company name to POWERVOICE
  • Won top prize for ‘Innovative SMB Excellent Products’.
  • Achieved ISO14001 and ISO9001 certification.
Established auxiliary research center
Won INNO-BIZ certification
Established Sound Source Direction Detection Technology Research Conference for intelligent robots

Beginning2002 - 2004

Founded on the basis of developing ‘OpenSesame,’ a PC security program based on speaker verification technology, POWERVOICE engaged overseas markets, such as Japan, by being the first in the world to commercialize speaker recognition technology.
In addition, POWERVOICE developed and released various application products in the domestic market by decreasing the weight of voice recognition and speaker verification engines, and thus embedding the engines in DSP and low-end CPU modules.
Developed voice recognition/ speaker recognition DSP
Won excellent new technology designation from Ministry of Information and Communication
Established POWERVOICE Korea