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This small-scale continuous voice recognition technology is optimized to embedded environments so as to enable voice recognition even in a state without a network connection. Working successfully even with low-end/ low-power CPU, Always-ON ASR controls devices anytime, anywhere regardless of distance through only using their voice.
Key algorithm
The continuous voice recognition algorithm that is powerful for noise removal and is based on call command for long-distance always-on voice recognition systems that enable users to control various smart electronic appliances anytime, anywhere through only using their voice.
Powerful call command-based continuous voice recognition technology
Optimized for embedded environments with low price/ low power consuming/ small capacity memory
No touch! Button-less remote voice control/ always-on type
Unlimited multilingual support
80MHzCPU/ 2MB memory
Supporting Windows/ CE/ Embedded Linux/ RTOS/ Android/ iOD
Out of vocabulary rejection technology
Optimal ada-Boost system
GMN/ SVM-based classified design
LM model design based on n-gram
Real-time embedded speaker adaptation technology
Technology to optimize user’s recognition performance
Although this is basically a speaker-independent voice recognition system, it improves recognition rate by
  taking into consideration the characteristics of user’s voice and the surrounding environment.
The technology for learning the speaker’s voice characteristics is designed for optimization so as to be applied
  to noise removal in low-end CPUs.
Speaker adaptation technology of probability statistics based on map algorithm
Technological service
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